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Workshops are an important part of what we offer as a service. It is something we have been doing since the very beginning and even before the founding of MakeKit, with Makeadrone.

Workshops are a part of MakeKit´s DNA. In fact, they are an important part of our product development. We get to test the products and get first-hand feedback. This leads to continual improvement and innovation.

Workshops give us fist-hand feedback, and continual improvment

This philosophy is also a part of our production. With a production method that makes it possible to do incremental improvement from series to series, we always make sure those that buy our products get the best possible product at any time.

The MakeKit builders tool

One example of this is the small "socket wrench / Philips bit" that now comes with all MakeKit Class Kit´s. This little part is depended upon relatively fine tolerances and has been through many stages of development.

3D-print it yourself

It all started when we wanted a small tool to use on workshops to make building the Air:bit a little bit easier.

Now, this small tool is a part of our products. It is also available to all who have bought our kits, so everyone can download there very own 3D-model of the "socket wrench / Philips bit" and 3D-print it themselves.

Find out more about our workshops here

Find out more about our values and philosophy here

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