Et nytt system med læringspordukter basert på micro:bit

Et nytt system med læringspordukter basert på micro:bit

Et nytt system med læringspordukter basert på micro:bit

​Single products

  • Buzz:bit is a game you build, code, play and develop. Add new and different challenges and explore gamification in the code. Learn more: https://www.makekit.no/buzzbit

  • Hover:bit is the micro:bit hovercraft. It is fast fun and exciting. You can also develop it into a boat that drives on water. You need to have the Start:bit to build this. Learn more: https://www.makekit.no/hoverbit

  • Air:bit is the worlds first and only micro:bit powered drone. Learn more: https://www.makekit.no/airbit


  • Wonder:Kit is a whole new system of micro:bit kits made for education, it lets teachers pick and choose between the different kits, and makes it easy and affordable to progress and add on new and different kits. 

    • Made for 20 students​

    • 10 kits in each product

    • Made to fit together and build up the knowledge of both educators and students. 

  • Wonder:Kit Explorer is the base kit that includes two different challenges for the students. It gives everyone a great start to building coding and understanding. The kits also include the main components used in all det different kits. 

  • Wonder:Kit Music:bit lets you build your own instruments and code tunes. You need to have the Start:bit to build this. This will not be available before March 2021. 

  • Wonder:Kit Make More is a kit that includes more batteries, motors, servos and spare parts for even more fun with the kits. 

  • Wonder:Kit Educators Guide is a technical description of the kits and parts included, it also includes an example for educators and questions to use in different subjects. This will be available in March 2021.  

  • Wonder:Kit Workshop is an online workshop made for educators to give them a good introduction to the kit and to prepare them on how to use these kits in education. The price is for each participant and it includes three sessions where we cover two different kits in the Wonder:Kit system. Distributors and Resellers can arrange these workshops and we in MakeKit will host the event. Events should be planed 6 weeks in advance. The maximum number of participants in each workshop is 8 educators. 

Learn more about Wonder:Kit https://www.makekit.no/wonderkit

  • MakeKit Service Kit is a mandatory kit for all distributors and resellers. It is made for resellers to be able to provide good service to customers. More on this kit in the updated distribution contract. 

Instructions come in both PDF and video. All instructions are available on makekit.no/docs

A link to this web-site comes with every kit. We will also keep on improving these instructions, so if you find something you miss or you think we can improve, please let us know.

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